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"A Voice For Californians"

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Thank you for all your votes in the primary election. I made 4th place out of 8 candidates. In the general election, only the top 2 candidates will be on the ballot. 


"A Voice For Californians" 



     My name is Clint Saunders. I am running for Lieutenant Governor of California to bring a positive aspect as a leader for Californians. I will use common sense and critical thinking skills to resolve issues in a caring and competent manner. Actions speak louder than words. I am a leader who gets things done by creating a logical plan of action and networking the correct resources for each issue individually. These logical plans will unify us as community members, fight crime, address the homeless issue with a strategy that will have long-term solutions, work within a reasonable budget, not raise taxes, and much more. I do not come from an elite family, I work hard for everything I have and I encourage others to build their own success too.

* * See my platform below to see where I stand on issues.* *  

     Politics, as usual, is currently not the best for the current and future generations of Californians. Schools and colleges are teaching that people are divided by the color of our skin. This is racial prejudice. The majority of us know the facts are that we are all humans working toward the goal to be free and prosperous in a civil society.  A society that is misled is dangerous to academics, our future, and our freedoms. A famous quote by President Lincoln: "The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next". This means the younger generation will not know what a limited government is and they will not know to stand against an overreaching government. A government with too many laws and regulations makes it difficult to live a free and prosperous life. A famous quote by James Madison says: “The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” – 1787". I will stand and fight for a limited government and the accurate U.S. history taught in schools. Our future depends on good leaders now. 

     I will bring my integrity and experience to Sacramento to represent the people of California. My experience working in fire fighting, emergency medical care, real estate, as a mental health worker, first responder class squad leader, 1 year of paralegal studies in junior college, and working to build my own success for 42 years has given me the experience in how to resource the necessary agencies to resolve many different issues independently and thoroughly. For example, networking with Fire, EMS, and Law enforcement to plan for evacuations, resources, crisis intervention, and fire prevention. Networking with mental health professionals to resolve drug addiction. Networking with county and state personnel to resolve issues like homelessness, high taxes, and over regulations.

Spending millions of our tax dollars on dead-end ideas does not work well. I will bring plans to solve issues for a better future in California.  


My Pledge To You

I Will: 

► Use common sense and critical thinking skills to resolve issues in a caring and competent manner. 

► I intend to reform laws and policies that cause discrepancies. 

► I will bring my integrity and values to represent the people of California and lead by example.  

► I will uphold the oath of office which states that I will protect the U.S. Constitution, and the California Constitution, and protect citizens from foreign and

domestic enemies. 

        Duties of the Lieutenant Governor include filling in as the Governor when he/she is absent from the state or is no longer able to fulfill the position. Lt. Governor is also a member of a governing seat and voting rights on the California Commission for Economic Development, the Board of Regents of the University of California, a Trustee of the California State University System, the Community College System, and is the 51st vote in the Senate upon the event of a tie in voting on the legislature. 

       One of the most important elements about me is values, connecting with people by understanding your point of view, and utilizing my skills and knowledge to resolve negative issues in our communities. I am mindful of all the challenges and current issues that we must address. I am also committed to being a leader to bring a better future for Californians.  

• • Read More In My Platform Below • •

I want to personally thank All First Responders, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, Paramedics, Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Armed Forces who risk their lives to help protect Californians' health, well-being, and safety.   


My Platform
Statue of Liberty

► Pro-School Choice
► Border Security 
► Pro-Voter ID
► Pro-2nd Amendment 
► Pro-Independent Contractor
► Pro-Small Businesses 
► Higher Wages for Teachers
► Supporting Our Veterans
► Spending responsibly
► Adequately funding Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement
► Lowering Taxes
► Expanding Domestic Economy

► Anti-corruption
► Anti-high Gas Prices
►Anti-Vaccine Mandate
►Anti-Mask Mandate 
► Anti-High Taxes  
►Anti-Over Regulations
► Anti-Pork Barrel Spending
► Anti-Bill Titles That Are Irrelevant To The Content of The Bill Or Proposition. 




     Homelessness is a major problem in many California cities. As Lieutenant Governor it is important to me to resolve this issue as soon as I can. We have all seen the negative effects that homelessness has on individuals, neighborhoods, and businesses. I have a straightforward plan to resolve homeless matters effectively while staying within a reasonable budget. This does not include pushing the homeless to another neighborhood or city. It will be difficult to get 100% of homeless people off the streets but I will do my best to network the correct resources to do the best that can be done. 

Homeless 1.jpg
Homeless 2.jpg


      Shoplifting is a crime that financially affects businesses. Current laws allow up to $950.00 of shoplifting to only be a misdemeanor. Speaking to business managers and employees, shoplifting is a major problem that happens on a daily basis. As Lieutenant Governor this amount of $950 dollars needs to be lowered, have stricter consequences, and fewer regulations that prevent managers and employees from intercepting offenders. 

Higher Wages for Teachers 

       Being a K-12 teacher is not always an easy job. Just to be a teacher in California,

the minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and passing a California teacher certification test. To earn your BA can take 4 years plus an additional fifth year to earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential. 

        Teachers who complete an average of 5 years of education to be a teacher NEED to be paid a higher wage for their efforts! Not only to repay their University loans but to afford the price to live in California and live comfortably, not just enough to get by. On top of teachers being paid a low amount, teachers use their personal money to buy school materials for their students and are only reimbursed $50.00 a year!

        This low wage and out-of-pocket expense for teachers has to stop. As Lieutenant Governor I will fight for higher wages for all teachers and require the school administration to provide all the necessary books, paper, etc... for each of their classrooms in their district. If this matter is not addressed and improved, teachers are not going to feel worth their value as teachers and will leave the profession.  

Legal Immigration / Border Security 

       Immigration is a multi-element issue. First, there are

Federal immigration laws need to be upheld. Second,

the safety and well-being of both citizens and emigrants

are mandatory. This includes checking every person for

their criminal history and medical testing before entering

the U.S.A. Our resources cannot be overwhelmed with

a free pass on our borders. What would happen if you

let a family move into your home and you had to pay for their food, clothes, medical, and utilities? Could you afford that? Would you just let anybody move into your home and not know their criminal history if any or medical condition? This is not the best choice for anyone to endanger themselves or their family with.

       Every act has a negative and positive impact. Securing our homes and our borders is important to help keep us safe and healthy. Drug overdose deaths exceeded 100,000 in a 12-month period ending in April 2021. This is an increase of +56,064 from the previous year.  

       Anyone coming to America to be a citizen should always follow the rule of law because America is the best country to live and build your own dreams in. Destroying American values will only destroy the country. 


Responsible and Simple Bills

      What I mean by this is why is the government writing a bill that is 2,000 to 30,000 pages long and how is the content of each long written bill not off the topic of the title? It is because long bills are "earmarked" with many more clauses that are off the topic and are added to allow additional spending. Adding many more pages than is necessary is also confusing and takes a lot of time to read thru, especially if the bill is pressed for immediate signature. My goal is to simplify bills and keep the subject matter relevant to the title. Think about when we vote, does the title we are reading and voting on sound good? Do we all take the time to read the content of that sound good title? Probably not. We are being misled and voting for something we probably would not want if we read thru the content of the bill. 



       The safety and security of Californians are my responsibility and liability as a leader. We need safe communities! A safe community to ride our bikes, go to local parks, go to events with friends and families, and be able to be safe walking on the sidewalks in our communities. 

       Laws are for people to understand there are consequences to violating them. Laws also need to be enforced, Victims need justice to be served on perpetrators. I support law enforcement and citizens who respect the laws and law officers. 


       Common core has lowered the average scores of students. I have 2 daughters, I have seen the difficult common core math questions. I teach them the old way I learned math in the 1980s, and they understand it a lot easier than the common core way. Education should teach children critical thinking, money management, and life skills. Not a false narrative. Critical Race theory is another ideology that should not be taught in our schools. I keep a small American flag in the visor in my car. A year ago when my 13-year old daughter would get in my car, she would tell me we had to take the American flag down because it was racist! I asked her why the American flag was racist, and she said that this country was created by racism and capitalism. I explained to her that countries that are developing are like people. We make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Learning from mistakes is the value of knowing the correct history of people and countries so we don't repeat mistakes. 

      I am in college myself working on my paralegal certificate. My grade depends on how well I find and interpret statutory laws, writing skills, writing case briefs, and research to find and cite legal cases. Critical thinking skills should be taught in K thru 12th grades. 

Open Book


       California taxes are too high. Businesses and families are moving out of the state because of high taxes. These taxes include business taxes, property taxes, regulations, and not to forget the taxes on each gallon of gasoline! High taxes that push us past affordable are unconscionable! Getting taxes under control, and bringing businesses and families back to California is a priority for me to accomplish as Lieutenant Governor! 

Water Infrastructure    
            Are you tired of the shortage of water during California's drought years? Our current government has failed to build a decent sustainable water system. Improvements need to be done immediately. We cannot rely on lakes to be our resources when water evaporates during the hot summer days. More water storage tanks and water resources such as utilizing desalination facilities to meet the demand for water and not just raising the price. 
This is a priority on my to-do list.  



Voter ID.                      

        My experience in running for a local city council seat is while getting petition signatures of valid registered voters I had to go out two extra times to get more signatures to meet the minimum number of valid voter signatures. The numbers did not add up. Out of 38 signatures, only 22 were valid when checked at the local voter's office. I can only imagine how many signatures will be actually valid when I need hundreds of thousands of valid signatures to run for office in the future. This is another matter I am already working on fixing. 

        The 2020 Presidential elections not being declared immediately after the 3rd day of the November elections is a clear example of what happens when ballots are not kept in a chain of command. In 1975 mail-in ballots were banned in Corsica France due to massive voting fraud. In this example, ballots were stolen, bought, votes from dead people, and multiple votes by one person. This is not a fair election as described in the U.S. Constitution. All voting laws should be upheld with integrity for all elections. 


AB5 is eliminating primary and secondary incomes for California's Independent Contractors.

        After reading AB5 was ratified on Jan. 1st of 2020 that prohibits the employment of hundreds of thousands of "Independent Contractors" in California. This is a negative impact on the income for Californians who work as independent contractors either full-time or part-time or used an app-based job to make extra money for their families. Not to forget the cost of living in California with the median home price being $550,000 vs $230,000 in the majority of the states in the United States.  

       July 2020, prop. 22 is on the ballot to vote by the people of California on November 3rd, 2020! A 'Yes" vote supports defining app-based transportation rideshare and delivery drivers as independent contractors. A "No" vote opposes this ballot initiative, meaning AB 5 could still be used to decide whether app-based drivers are employees or independent contractors. 

        UpdateNovember 3rd Prop 22 wins with a 53.8% Yes vote. California ride-share and app-based businesses are continuing as independent contractors. This still leaves many other independent contractor positions out of work. I cannot emphasize how important it is for Californians to be employed as independent contractors. I am very appalled by our current governor for not vetoing AB5 on the first business day of 2020. It shows me he is not interested in the best for the people he is supposed to be representing. I will veto AB5 on my first day in office to let California's independent contractors get back to work. 

Disaster preparedness is a key issue.

        Being prepared is essential to the safety and well-being of everybody. I will use my experience in fire fighting and EMS to collaborate with Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and other resources to build a working plan for all communities. It is also important that property owners prepare their property by mowing the high grass and cleaning dead timber. Reducing EPA regulations is essential. Fires destroying thousands of acres because of prohibitions to clear property are inexcusable. 

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